FYP-DevLog 028

FYP-DevLog 028

Progress Made


  • Add Loader component.
  • Completed admin invite list view, add, and delete function. invite list.gif


  • Return errors when needed in GET all invite list endpoint
  • Include created invited admin info in POST invite list endpoint
  • Add sorting based on expired_at date for GET all invite list endpoint
  • Add checking before DELETE invite list item

What I did well?

  • Manage to implement getInviteList, addInviteList, and deleteInviteList for redux
  • May need to rename the actions as it might be confusing now.

What I'm stuck with?

  • Not feeling stuck

How will tomorrow be?

  • Since I have completed the invite-only registration in the admin dashboard, I will start working on the email and completing account for the invited users. image.png

Some thoughts I have today: