FYP-DevLog 013

FYP-DevLog 013

Progress Made


  • Fix bugs with sidebar active state not working properly.
    • Initially it was using defaultActiveState instead of activeState for the Nav component.
    • Use useEffect hooks to update the activeState based on the route pathname

Alt Text


  • Reconstruct the response data for get single admin to include email.


  • Created a terminal alias to start React (frontend) and Adonis (backend) server with a single command using concurrently.

What I did well?

  • Manage to make use of useEffect hooks in a different way than yesterday's use case.
  • Pretty motivated and did more than an hour today.

What I'm stuck with?

  • Always feeling like I need to change the endpoint that I've made to suit the new need from the frontend.

How will tomorrow be?

  • Complete the user profile page and edit profile functionality.