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Afrie's FYP DevLog

FYP-DevLog 034

FYP-DevLog 034

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Afrie's FYP DevLog
·Oct 22, 2020·

1 min read

Progress Made


  • Implement user profile view in the dashboard
  • Completed course management module implementation
    • Course list page image.png
    • Add course modal image.png
    • Course details page (with registered students) image.png
    • Course details page (without registered students) image.png
    • Edit course page image.png


  • Complete student-uploads module
  • Standardize API response
    • Success response { "message": "success", "data": {} }
    • Error response { "message": "error", "error": {} }
  • Implement course attachment with student-uploads endpoint

What I did well?

  • Learned how to handle file uploads with Adonis and AWS S3
  • Decided to standardize the API response for a better development experience

What I'm stuck with?

  • Coming up with a design will coding is not a great idea, should use Figma to create a mockup but that takes too much time

How will tomorrow be?

  • Continue with student invite list and student management module for the frontend
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