FYP-DevLog 030

FYP-DevLog 030

Progress Made


  • Implement logout redux flow which reset all of the redux state.
  • Connect admin list page with the backend image.png
  • Add profile page (with edit and delete account functionality)
    • My profile page image.png
    • Other admin profile page image.png
  • Implement forgot password page image.png


  • Add gender and phone_no attribute to admin table
  • Refactor some error response message
  • Refactor forgotPassword and updatePasswordByToken handler (using the same workflow as send admin invitation)
  • Add permission checking for account deletion
  • Include id with invite list deletion

What I did well?

  • Feeling great with my progress because of Trello, I feel more focused on what to do.
  • Learn how to reset redux state when the user tries to logout.

What I'm stuck with?

  • Not feeling stuck, but I know that sometimes I always do something different from what I've planned in the previous log.

How will tomorrow be?

  • Planning to complete this authentication module image.png
  • For the next phase, I'm planning to do the students-related modules such as the student invite list and student management, then only I can start doing more transactional module when the core user module (Admin and Student) has been completed.