FYP-DevLog 025

FYP-DevLog 025

Progress Made


  • No progress made


  • Refining invite-only workflow, quite chaotic due to indecisiveness. image.png
  • Invite-only admin registration flow:
    1. Existing admin invite new admin via email.
    2. Before sending link to the invited user, the backend will check if email already exist.
      • If email exist, it will check if the account has been activated (meaning invited email has created the account). If active then error.
      • If the account is not active, it will check for link validity, whether it has expired or not. If not expired then error.
      • If expired then continue no 3
    3. Email will be sent to the invited user with link to complete their profile.

What I did well?

  • Satisfied with the current flow, can't wait to implement it in the frontend.

What I'm stuck with?

  • Not feeling stuck.

How will tomorrow be?

  • Implement this feature on the frontend.