FYP-DevLog 023

FYP-DevLog 023

Progress Made


  • Setup axios to use my api URL as the base url and attach a user_type data into every request I made from frontend.


  • Refactor my whole backend structure including the database structure, resources relationships, route endpoints, and general logic.
    • I feel like the previous backend was a bit too complicated and over-engineered with excessive validation and middleware. So I decided to refactor most of the logic to make it more simple.
    • After using my own API with my previous react app, there are a lot of things I have in mind that needs to change. Thus today's 8 hours of code. image.png

What I did well?

  • Manage to made a lot of progress rethinking and refactoring my backend code.

What I'm stuck with?

  • Authentication, particularly the JWT part with refresh token and access token. As of now, I store both token in the localStorage of the browser but I have read a lot of articles saying it is vulnerable to many attacks.

How will tomorrow be?

  • Continue with implementing some other endpoints to be used in a new workflow that I have in mind which is an exclusive invite only account registration.