FYP-DevLog 022

FYP-DevLog 022

Progress Made


  • Implement redux to my react project.
  • Implement login function.
  • Implement error login message to Login page. error.gif
  • Implement public route guard. (redirect logged in users to dashboard if they try to access the login page again) login.gif


  • Refactor error message on login endpoint.

What I did well?

  • Able to use the project I made from udemy course as a reference.

What I'm stuck with?

  • Having thoughts about refactoring backend responses to make it easier to handle in the frontend.
  • Stuck with backend validation, I'm not sure if/how I should handle error validation from backend. (e.g. Email not unique *which can only be done in the backend)

How will tomorrow be?

  • Continue implementing more actions to redux.