FYP-DevLog 012

FYP-DevLog 012

Quicknote: Trying out this new format to update my progress here moving forward. Credit to Ran Segall for the documentation template.

Progress Made


  • Find a workaround with display name bug when refresh.
    • New request is made to /auth/me every time the route is updated
  • Explicitly re-setting the default headers for axios after each token refresh.
  • Add a change password page for the logged in user.

Alt Text


  • Create a new endpoint /auth/change-password for authenticated user (or logged in user) to change their password.
  • Fix minor bug with /auth/me
    • Add middleware to make sure only authorized user are allowed to make this request
    • Send a badRequest with code 400 instead of just a plain text

What I did well?

  • Manage to better understand useEffect hooks that I use to fix the display name bug.

What I'm stuck with?

  • The workaround with display name is not something I'm satisfied with but I can let it go for now.

How will tomorrow be?

  • Complete the user profile display page, and add edit info page where they can change their name and maybe email.

That's all for today, thank you for reading and have a nice day.