FYP-DevLog 003

FYP-DevLog 003


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Just a quick update about yesterday's commit. I did more than 2 commits actually I just forgot to push it. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Nonetheless, it is what it is.

For today, I did not do that much in terms of commits but I don't think I should focus on commits that much.

So for today what I did is completing the PUT endpoint for students, and it took quite a bit because there is so many considerations. But I managed to figure it out eventually.

For tomorrow I would like to do some implementation for the frontend. I think it's not a good practice to focus on just one side for too long because I want to immediately use the endpoints that I have just created.

That way, I can easily see if the response structure is how I really want it or if there is any changes that I need to make.

I did go through my frontend code in the last 15 minutes just to remember where I left off. I did also create a new component for the calendar page I have implemented in the backend. And of course I immediately find a bug in my backend code.

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(This is exactly why I don't want to spend too much time in the backend without testing it on the frontend)

That's it for today. Thank youu.